Renew skin spa

Laurie Ann Vezina-Desmarais

Medical Aesthetican and Cosmetologist

E.I.N.E (Electrology Institute of New England)
Medical Aesthetician
Result oriented approach to skin care.

I decided to return to school in 2010 to learn more about the advanced techniques for skin care.  As we get older we realize the damage that prior skin care habbits caused to our aging skin.  I have decided to enter this field so that I can teach the younger generation how to care for their skin now in order to protect and prevent premature aging.  And for the older generation that has already caused the damage, I am here to offer the advanced treatments and education on how to prevent further damage.

I myself had been a product of the 1980's in which sun tan booths were a pit stop before heading home.  This was the error in which we used babyoil on our bodies, while sitting on silver blankets.  The damage I caused was horrible.  I decided to repair my damage and learn how to prevent future damage.  Now it is time to share the do's and don'ts of skin care with those who are also unaware of these advanced treatments and preventative damage. 


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